The ultimate women’s packing list for a month in Europe this summer

The ultimate women’s packing list for a month in Europe this summer
The Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, Denmark

In July 2023 I (Gwyn) boarded an airplane for the trip of a lifetime: a month-long summer trip to Europe that included stops in Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Although I was super excited for my summer trip to Europe I was also really stressed out by the thought of packing for a whole month. I wanted to minimize weight, while also having the right clothing for highly varied weather (ranging from cool and rainy to hot and humid!). I learned a lot while packing, so now I’m sharing my knowledge with you! Below is the ultimate packing list for a month in Europe this summer.

I hope this packing guide helps you plan your next international travel adventure, regardless of where your adventures take you! Below you’ll find literally everything I packed for my month-long trip, including all of the clothes I brought, the carry-on luggage I used, and the amounts of different toiletries that I brought.

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The perfect women’s packing list for a month in Europe

You’ve booked your trip, so let’s pack! Below is literally everything I brought with me for a one month summer trip to Europe. This packing list for a month in Europe is carry on friendly – I fit everything below in a carry on size roller bag and backpack.

The ultimate women’s packing list for a month in Europe this summer
The view from the houseboat hostel where I stayed in Stockholm, Sweden. This was my first morning in the city, and I woke up early for sunrise due to jet lag.

Who this packing list is for

Before I cover what I packed it’s important to note who this packing list is best suited for.

This summer packing list is perfect for people who plan to spend most of their time adventuring in urban areas (rather than hiking), are relatively active (I walked a LOT), and want to look polished while also being comfortable. It’s also great for relatively minimalist packers who don’t want to lug around a lot of weight, and don’t want to purchase a bunch of stuff once they arrive in Europe.

The carry on luggage I used for a month in Europe

Pants, shorts, and rompers

Be mindful not to pack pants that stretch out too much after just a few wears. Also, if you want to blend in in Europe, avoid too much denim.

Jackets and outerwear

Tops and T-shirts

Socks, PJs, and Intimates

The ultimate women’s packing list for a month in Europe this summer
A warm and sunny day in Lucerne, Switzerland. Don’t forget to add good sunscreen to your packing list for a month in Europe!

Footwear for a month in Europe

Footwear is the hardest thing to pack. Make sure to bring something for hot days, as well as something you can wear in cold and wet weather. Good arch support is also a must! I only brought two pairs of shoes which helped me save room in my bag.

Accessories (clothing)

If you bring a purse make sure it has a zipper so you can keep your items secure — pick pocketing is an issue in most urban areas in Europe and the US.

Electronics packing list for a month in Europe

I’m a photographer, so this list reflects that! My electronics were the largest and heaviest items I brought. Even if you don’t bring a camera don’t forget to pack a power adaptor so you can charge your electronics overseas!

The ultimate women’s packing list for a month in Europe this summer
The iconic Stortorget Gamla Stan (Old Town Square) in Stockholm, Sweden. Make sure to include comfortable walking shoes on your packing list for a month in Europe! You’re going to walk a LOT!


Below are all the toiletry items I packed, and the amounts I brought. I had enough of everything to last me a month — aka, I didn’t have to buy ANY toiletries or laundry soap while abroad.

Miscellaneous items

Final thoughts: things to consider when planning your packing list for a month in Europe this summer

Below are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re planning your summer travel packing list!

  • What type of luggage are you comfortable with? Many people carry a single heavy backpack on trips, but I have a bulged disk, which make that challenging. Instead, I opted for a carry-on-friendly roller bag and a smaller backpack. This made it easy to navigate the stairs at train stations while also saving my neck and back! I was happy with my choice of a SMALL roller bag.
  • What kind of weather do you expect? If you’re visiting the southern part of Europe you’ll want to skip the warm puffy jackets and focus more on hot-weather clothes. However, no matter where you go, be ready for the possibility of rain, and a wide range of temperatures.
  • How often do you plan to do laundry? My goal was to do laundry twice on my month-long trip. You may be able to pack fewer clothes if you plan to do laundry more often. However, you’ll want to confirm that laundry is available everywhere you travel. The first leg of my trip was in Sweden which, weirdly, has virtually no laundromats. As a result I had to go 12 days in a row without doing laundry (for those of you wondering… I washed some socks and underwear in the sink in order to get by!).
  • Can you hand wash your clothes? Be mindful of fabrics when picking what clothes to pack since you may find yourself washing your clothing in the sink. Several of my clothing items, like this dressy jumpsuit, are specifically designed to be lightweight, small, and easy to hand wash and air dry.
  • Speaking of laundry… What will you wear on laundry day? I didn’t do this, but you may want a pair of “lounge” pants or leggings for lazy rainy days or for wearing while doing laundry.

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